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Measuring Fabrics

Thoughtfully designed and skilfully handcrafted

We are obsessed over every tiny details as we believe in the functionality and the uniqueness of the perfect wardrobe staples. We are what we wear, and we want you to perform to your highest, in style and in confidence.

We care about you

With the fast fashion supply chain, we have adopted a 'buy and dispose' mindset. Retail has also become our therapy when we are feeling distressed. Our affordable purchases has lead us to a brimming wardrobe of clothes, yet with a worthless sense of nothing to wear. To counter the senseless purchase, we are working on designing investment pieces that are well thought out for multiple occasions, to be part of every moment of your life, celebrating every milestone of yours.


A move towards sustainability

The production of polyester textiles alone emits about 706 million tons of greenhouse gases a year.


With, we source for sustainable fabrics—all while not compromising on quality. We thrive towards sustainability and corporate transparency, pushing ourselves to constantly reevaluate our environmental impact. 

Our product packaging adopts the sustainability mindset, by up-cycling textile materials and giving a new life to single-use wrappers by retailers and/or consumers.


Meaningful and uplifting connections

Our products are made with love. We desire to live sustainably and positively impact the world by addressing the social issues.


One in every six people in the world work in the apparel industry. With the fast fashion supply chain, it has pushed companies to find ever-cheaper source of labour. According to Unicef, 11% of the global population of children are engaged in child labour. Through the many layers of fashion supply chain—from spinning mills, manufacturers to wholesalers—the craftsmen and craftswomen go invisible behind the scene. 

Hence, following our ideology, each product we offer is ethically handcrafted with a vision to bring about a fair world, caring for the underprivileged ones. 

Our manufacturers emphasised product integrity and ethical business practices to meet a strict set of standards to create better, guilt-free products and an even better future.

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