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Empowering through preserving and modernizing traditional skills and arts

sōsu is pronounced as source; the source of hope. 

Sosu works alongside small communities and social enterprises. We empower them through the work of their hands, and support the heritage preservation. We aim to raise international awareness to the beauty of heritage crafts.

The pieces reflect everyone's journey. At sōsu, we create lifestyle pieces that are dignified and skillfully handcrafted to make a statement—celebrating every milestone of our lives and theirs.

Our Artisan in Myanmar

She resides in Yangon, with her professionalism in sewing and tailoring of dresses. She enjoy crafting and she crafts the upcycled traditional fabric into necklaces and earrings.

Artisans - 4.jpg

Moms of Woven in the Philippines

Weaving is a traditional skillset passed on to the people in Basey, Samar. Working together with our social enterprise partner Woven, moms are now able to continue the legacy of its craft while taking care of their children.


Our origin story

"Sōsu was founded on an overseas trip with my friend, Andrea. We were inspired by the Indonesian crafts and we joke about it being our source of travels. Later years, I was lucky to have the opportunity to work in our neighbouring countries—Myanmar and The Philippines. I spent my free time to connect with people in the provinces. I have met people who were passionate for their heritage and traditional crafts and shed light upon me that these countries are rich in their heritage, culture and their know-hows. Being a fortunate Singaporean, I wanted to share this meaningful experiences to our fellow locals while helping the friends I have made overseas."

- Vencia, co-founder.

Our team

Lauren Moffitt

Lauren Moffitt

Honorary Partner

Passionate individual who is integral to sosu journey, from inception to advocating sustainability.




Dedicated volunteer adept in sales and networking, championing global artisans.




Excited to be part of sosu's journey toward promoting a more ethical consumer culture for all.

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