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Artisan: Sareung

Handcrafted in Cambodia

Sareung is a single mom, with three very young children. She was gifted great crocheting skills and in the art of crocheting, it allows her to relax and be present amidst her daily grinds.

Crocheting is an art and a skill. These project of crochet necklaces was specially designed for her. Together with AOCO, Anna, our fashioner designer, drafted the design the necklace while Sareung puts it into reality. The ability to create something tangible gave us all a sense of accomplishment and bringing her love for craft to life brought her whoops of joy.

Sareung is a tough mom. This is her routine. As the alarm goes off 5 in the morning, she cares for her children's needs, sets off to local restaurant and does laborious tasks of washing dishes. In the noon, she heads home, sews and crochets and prepare for dinner in the evening.

To celebrate moms and their hard work, it is our vision to support her further and provide her a better livelihood.


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