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Artisan: Ji Pan

Handcrafted in Yangon, Myanmar

"My professionalism is sewing and I tailor make dresses. I enjoy crafting and it is my hobby to make crafts."

It has brought such joy to work the community in the underdeveloped neighbouring countries. Working with them has always been a very humbling experience for us. When the pandemic struck, it was disheartening to not be able to work in close proximity with our people. We were, however, very thankful for the technology that has prepared us to work independently and to stay connected with people all over the world.

Ji Pan was a former seamstress. She tailored a wedding dress for one of our teacher volunteers whom we met in Myanmar. We are extremely thankful to have her on-board with us, crafting and stitching necklaces together.

We love the smile of our artisan, Ji Pan. Despite being camera shy, we are extremely thankful to be able to capture the essence of her joy through her passion for crafts. She is wearing a traditional Kachin costume and we hope to raise awareness to a beautiful culture of Kachin Textile, made through traditional weaving skills.

We had the opportunity to ask what she hope to achieve and how she felt about coming on board with us. This is what she shared with us.

"I enjoy doing this necklace because I'm doing what is interesting and when you (suggested) making it with Kachin fabric, I am really happy. This is the first time I made fabric necklace with Kachin fabric and it is a new challenge. Sewing, crafting, fine arts and decoration are my hobby and dream."

With sustainability and room for creativity, we discussed as a team and exchange ideas and finalised on creating necklaces out of fabric off-cuts. "I have done many crafts and so many that you might think I am crazy *she laughed* Some are even made out of glue gun.", she shared. "I just really enjoy making crafts."

At sosu, we provide a platform for the beautiful work created by Ji Pan and connect her to our network of resources! We hope to help her fulfill her potential and make her dream a reality.


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