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Our Philosophy

In our journey to sustain the community, along with their artisanal heritage, we are committed to our environmental sustainability. We use thoughtfully sourced materials and work with artisans from underprivileged communities in the region to lift their standard of living. We choose the best option we can go with, and we will continue to do more in the future.

Seagrass leaves

Seagrasses are a group of flowering plants that grow underwater, usually grown in flooded fields. They grow fast and can be harvested easily. 

Making products with seagrass lowers the product's ecological footprint, meaning that you are using less of the Earth's resources.


Seagrass leaves are dried and used as a natural plant fiber. Zero chemicals used in the making of natural fibers. Seagrass is naturally renewable, stain-resistant, highly durable, and very attractive and it’s also a strong statement about your commitment to a sustainable future. 

Made in the provinces

In many cases, mass production involves a poorly paid workforce to maximize profits. Due to the low and unfair wages they receive, it is a struggle for them to make a living, and therefore it is difficult to attract new generations to become aspiring masters of their heritage skills. Hence, it is now a dying heritage.


To retain the artisanal heritage and sustain the community, a significant amount of our revenue goes back to our social enterprise partner. While we work with our partners to design lifestyle pieces thoughtfully, we promote heritage education through workshops to generating interest and room for innovation to foster the growth of future aspiring artisans.


Recycled Jute. 100% recyclable and biodegradable

Kraft Paper box

100% recyclable and biodegradable. Zero Plastic packaging.

Dust Bag

Muslin cloth bag

Recycled jute from our earthly contributors. 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Sewn in house by our team of stay-home moms.


Best Care: Remove cotton dust by hand washing

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