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Don't we all love receiving beautifully packaged items? It makes us think about the time and effort our love ones put into finding the perfect gifts for us. Doesn't that put a smile on our face?

Yet, these packaging are often single-used and into the bin they usually go.

How can we create beautiful packaging while adopting sustainability mindset? 

Reuse packaging

We extend the life cycle of packaging beyond a one-time use from local businesses. We partner with enterprises to collect packing materials that are used in the industrial, agriculture and other goods. 


A new life

Our packagings are not just beautiful, but eco-friendly and thoughtfully made.


sōsustainable initiative

We aspire to reduce carbon footprints and we aim to redistribute these textile packing materials that enter the waste stream, to more businesses. We believe packagings can be beautiful and environmentally friendly. 

Do you know?

Only 7% out of the total textile waste was recycled in 2016; Remaining 93% is incinerated into residual ash and disposed in Semakau landfill, Singapore’s only landfill.

Thoughtfully collected and redistributed

Instead of purchasing new batches of packaging from textile mills, we encourage businesses to move towards sustainability by using up-cycled packaging. We offer the production service by repurposing—cutting and/or sewing—these textile packing materials to fit your products.


Our current key products are gift pouches and we believe that reusing a product is always better than purchasing a new one, which takes more resources to produce. So we are here to support to businesses to adopt up-cycled packaging system!

Write to us at to participate in this initiative or for bulk purchases.

From Jan 2021 to September 2021

No. of Jute Packagings Saved


Jute Bags Collected


Recycled jute bags into packagings.

Meet Our Earth-Friendly Contributors

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