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Groo | Rattan Planter with Wood Base

PriceFrom S$42.00

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  • Rattan are economically important and are used to produce furniture, baskets, canes, handicrafts. It is light-weighted and easy to move and handle. Rattan is one of the most versatile wood in the world, with close to 600 species in the family. Rattan is considered as one of the most sustainable and natural product.



    M - 19 x 16 cm

    L - 22 x 20 cm 


    Colour: White Washed


    Material: Rattan


    Note: All items are handcrafted by Artisans using zero chemical, making all items are 100% natural with no funky chemicals. Due to its authenticity, all items will not be exactly the same, they'll have their own identity and pattern.