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Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder to start our day fresh~ So, here is to serve as a daily affirmation of how a day can be a good one. 


Use it as a blanket, a throw, a beach towel, a sarong, a shawl… The possibilities are endless!

Lava | Beach Blanket / Throw / Shawl

S$42.00 Regular Price
S$29.40Sale Price

Thank YOU and good-byes

  • Handcrafted in The Philippines, Woven by loom weavers in Tublay, Benguet


    Dimension: 78" x 30"


    About: 500 gr per pc


    Material: Polyester


    Note: All items are handcrafted by Artisans. Due to its authenticity, all items will not be exactly the same, they'll have their own identity and pattern.