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Our Rock Star contains only one ingredient—Potassium Mineral Salt—to help eliminates body odor, naturally.

Rock Star | Natural Mineral Salt Bar Deodorant

PriceFrom S$12.00

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  • Dimension: 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 2.3 cm (Measurments varies by +/-0.3cm)


    Only one ingredient: 100% pure mineral salt, also known as potassium alum


    Aroma: Unscented


    How to use: After showering, apply it on your body (underarm, feet or areas where you pespire the most) when you are freshly cleaned and slightly damp. Wet the crystal with water, apply it on your body in a circular motion or up and down.  Allow the skin to be dry before you put on your clothes. The crystal will leave a microscopic layer of salts on your skin which will help to inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria. 

  • The defective Rockstar are perfectly efficient in removing odour. They just had some bumps and raw edges on the sides due to the packing. So we are selling them slightly cheaper than the other!

    Ugly but just as good!