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keeping heritage alive
by uniting communities

Modernizing Traditional Arts

To us, slow fashion involves retaining heritage skillsets and crafts. By modernising the traditional arts into our daily wear and goods, we empower and nurture their development while keeping their heritage alive. Their skillsets is their generation heirloom and we aspire to preserve the culture and tradition.

Ethically made with passion

While the makers care about the handcrafted goods, making them with love and passion, we care for the makers and the communities. We care about who makes our daily wear and goods and the kind of condition they are made in. By purchasing handcrafted goods, we fuel their passion and create a fair living wage system for the makers, sustaining and elevating their standard of living.


Transform lives, with meaningful purchase

What are the underlying problems in the fast fashion supply chain?

What are the things you are about to change, by buying from sosu?


Child Labour

Child labour is an issue for fashion supply chain because it requires low-skilled labour. Some tasks, such as cotton picking, are even better suited to children than adults.


Children are seen as obedient workers who slip under the radar. There is no supervision or social control mechanisms available for them. These are very low-skilled workers without a voice.

How are we different?


We work with a team who spent a lot of time on the ground searching for factories that shares our values. 

Our partners are monitored with no child labour practices. 

Be informed of the

child labour issues




Why are some brands so affordable? Well, the smoke of low prices is rarely found without the exploitation of workers and the attempt to drive down wages for profits. 


Fast fashion brands do not work with the makers and they are able to profit hugely, all while remaining free of responsibility for the effects of poverty wages, factory disasters, and the ongoing violent treatment of workers.

What kind of change are we working towards?

Our production team are on a fair and ethical wage system. They are paid well over the minimum wage monitored by labour contracts with standard working hours and overtime pay along. 

Learn about the

unfair wage system


Make Fast &


According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, more than $500 billion of value is lost every year due to clothing underutilisation and the lack of recycling.

How can consumers help?

Just like you, we too are consumers of the products we sourced. Together, we can reduce our waste by making informed purchase and buying sustainable options whenever possible. 

Read about clothing consumption and the sustainability

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